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How to Contact Us


If you'd like to join the effort to Save Lake Chabot, send an email to LakeChabot@mindspring.com. We'll add you to our mailing list.


Looking for more information?

Citizens groups have a compiled a wealth of information about the Lake Chabot ridgelands. If you are looking for records on site geology, wildlife, history, etc, you may wish to contact one of the following groups directly:

Fairmont/Lake Chabot Ridgelands Committee (F/LCRC)

F/LCRC lead the effort to stop the Navy and County housing plans in the late 1980's. In 1988, they worked to help pass Measure AA, the bond measure that provided funding for acquisition of Fairmont Ridge. Later, F/LCRC joined in the effort to prevent housing development at Dunsmuir Ridge, Lake Chabot Terrace and Boulders. For more information on Fairmont Ridge contact Gary Zimmerman at (925) 933-9915.

Dunsmuir Ridge Alliance (DRA)

DRA spearheaded the citizens effort to stop development of Dunsmuir Ridge. They also joined in recent efforts to stop the Lake Chabot Terrace and Boulders housing projects on Fairmont Ridge. For more information on Dunsmuir Ridge contact Paul Merrick at (510) 636-1005.

last revised: February 11, 2022